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Mission Statement 

The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women’s (NCFRW) mission is to positively impact our state and nation, while strengthening our Republican Party through recruiting, educating, training, supporting, and electing Republicans.

There's a hate advisory for August! And the target is our court system.

Whether violent Leftist thugs are terrorizing US Supreme Court Justices at their homes or in restaurants, the Left's intentions are intimidation, chaos, disruption, and destruction. Conservative jurists are their targets, but Justice Clarence Thomas is a special target since he is a black Republican. Reports are that an impeachment petition with 1,200,00 names is calling for Thomas' removal.

Here in NC, the Left's target is our own NC Supreme Court race, which the University of Virginia's Center for Politics ranks as the top judicial race in the nation. Expect a 'high stakes, high-dollar, rough-and-tumble battle' for ultimate control of our State's highest court.
Hollywood, East Coast elites, and mega-millionaires are pouring money into our NC Supreme Court race to elect radical judges and remove our last defense against bad laws and activist judges' decisions. We've seen the damage those Leftist judicial opinions make, and we must stop them. That can only happen when we maintain the majority in the NC Supreme Court, our last line of defense.

​Electing quality women and men to our NC courts is our only hope for keeping our freedoms. We have an excellent slate for the NC Supreme Court, Trey Allen and Richard Dietz, both persons of utmost integrity who believe in the rule of law and in the Constitution. Electing them is our top priority.

In the NC Court of Appeals, our candidates, Julee Flood, Michael Stading, Donna Stroud and John Tyson, are highly credentialed and will serve with distinction.

It is critical that we win. In addition to your donations, note the NCGOP Election Training in this newsletter and work to elect Republican judges who will be faithful to their oaths to defend the Constitution.

Support our candidates at Judicial Victory Fund Dinners planned for Charlotte in August, Greensboro in September and at the Sportsmen’s Banquet in October. Stay tuned - as soon as details are finalized, we'll let you know.